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How does an Infrared Electrical System Survey work?

Infrared thermography is a form of non-contact, non-destructive testing used to detect and document thermal patterns and associated temperatures of electrical system components. Our high resolution infrared imaging radiometers detect infrared energy emitted from an object and converts it into an image which is displayed on a monitor screen.

When a component with an unusual temperature is located, the temperature of the problem area is recorded along with the thermal image. The thermogram, control photograph and problem information are compiled into a report that is available in hardcopy and digital formats.

What electrical equipment should be covered in an inspection?

When planning your Infrared Electrical System Survey, it is important to consider all the electrical equipment in your facility. An incident in a small lighting panel may affect the ability to use a portion of your facility or for office staff to function.

Do electrical panels need to be opened?

Infrared imagers detect thermal patterns on the surface of an object; a direct line of sight is required for all infrared imagers. If an Infrared Electrical System Survey is performed with panel covers in place and a thermal anomaly is detected, it will not be possible to know exactly which component of the electrical equipment has the highest temperature. Also, the temperature of the problem component must be high enough to heat the panel. By removing panel covers, individual components can be inspected and problems detected earlier.

Problems should be documented with a Thermogram, control photograph with an indication of the problem area, and a description that includes the following information:

  • Equipment name and location
  • Ambient temperature (C and/or F)
  • Temperature rise over similar
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