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Electrical Engergy Management - Going Green

Generation of power, need to manage your wiring line losses, call a Miami electrician today and have B and I Electric show you how to inspect and meter wasted electrical power!!!

TURN OFF - Make sure to turn off all lights, appliances, computers and other electrical equipment when not in use during the day, and especially at night. Any cord that contains three prongs draws energy when plugged in.

Installing a power strip for your television and other areas where there are many different devices plugged in at one location also makes energy saving sense. Turning your power strip off at night and during the day when you are at work or not using those devices saves you energy and money!

ENERGY EFFICIENT FLUORESCENT BULBS - The installation of more energy efficient fluorescent bulbs is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective tip there is. It is true that there is a large initial cost per new bulb, but the truth of the matter is that you will see the decrease in your energy bill within the first month of use. You will in effect earn back the money you spent on the bulb within the first month to two months after use. When you compare the overall savings, fluorescent bulbs just make sense!

PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTATS - When used properly, this can save up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs. Because less energy is used, greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy production are reduced.

TIMERS - Using a timer for interior and exterior lights is another energy saving trick. If you need to leave a light on at a regularly scheduled time, a timer is the perfect device to use instead of leaving your lights on at all times. A timer can also run on a random schedule to make it appear to outsiders that someone is always there.

CEILING FANS - A ceiling fan can save up to 40% on your summer cooling costs. In summer, ceiling fans cool the room by creating a "wind chill effect." For example, if you have a room at 85 degrees, the fan would make the room feel like 78 degrees.

DIMMERS - Using dimmers saves electricity and increases the life of your light bulb.
   Dimming your light by 10% will save 10% electricity.
   Dimming your light by 25% will save 20% electricity.
   Dimming your light by 50% will save 40% electricity.
   Dimming your light by 75% will save 60% electricity.

ATTIC FANS - The installation of an electric or solar attic fan can save up to 30% of money spent on air-conditioning costs.

WEATHER PROOF GASKETS - Having hidden holes, gaps and cracks in your home or business is the single biggest cause of heating and cooling loss. Your unprotected electrical outlets can be a contributor. Gaskets should be put on all exterior and interior outlets.

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